With all the excitement of the recent announcement of Phish’s reunion, it may seem a bit odd that our Phish Friday posts have calmed down a bit here on the site. Although Justin and I have definitely been a bit nuts in our day jobs, to be frank, we have also gotten a bit burnt out on it doing Phish Friday posts. A few weeks ago, we basically hit a wall and decided that there was so much good stuff going on out there that we didn’t feel like we could keep up. Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts has been rocking out great compilations, the Coventry blog is collectively kicking some butt, and Scotty B’s HT Phish spin-off, You Enjoy MyBlog is tracking all things web and Phish. Considering this blog was founded back in ’04 basically after Justin’s post-Phish show epiphany that “nobody was blogging about Phish,” it is honestly great to see other sites really taking this on in full swing and digging in to the band’s long history of amazing live shows.

Although our Phish Friday posts may be a bit less frequent these days, we are certainly not calling it quits. With that in mind, I decided to mix together two of my favorite types of posts — Phish Fridays and Podcasts — and piece together a new version of our Hippie Workout Mix with some of my favorite moments of Phish improv, spliced together with a nice, mellow workout in mind. Believe it or not, a while back I used to run to this band’s music all the time. There is something about a perfect Phish jam and a good run that works really well together; call it zen or something. But whether you’re really up for that long workout or just want a really killer DJ-style Phish mix, this should definitely suit your needs.


Try to guess the exact tracklisting in the comments section, and perhaps we can dig up something Phish-related for the winning guess. Be sure to include both song name and show date. Here’s a hint…there are exactly eight tracks.

Also, be sure to check out previous Hippie Workout Mixes, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, for a little bit more energy and intensity.

Have a killer weekend!


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Comments ( 9 )

Honestly man, this mix is hot hot hot. I don’t have the faintest clue what each jam came from as I haven’t heard a lot of these from my own collection, but this is one seriously strong mix. I could go run a 5K right now I’m so pumped up. ;)

Justin Ward added these pithy words on Oct 18 08 at 8:23 am

The 2nd to last section is “Crosseyed” part of the 4/3/98 Weekapaug. I’ll see what else I can figure out….great mix!

Pete added these pithy words on Oct 19 08 at 7:14 am

nice, thanks gents. glad you enjoyed it.

Pete, you’re def. right on the 4/3 Weekapaug.

No other guesses? I thought for sure the middle sections would be easily recognized, but I guess that’s the fun of just including the improv sections.

We’ll see if anyone else has any guesses.

whitperson added these pithy words on Oct 20 08 at 7:25 am

That’s a hell of a mix. I recognized a few of the tracks. Gonna give it another listen and get back to you.

tgourdo added these pithy words on Oct 20 08 at 6:33 pm

I give up….what are the rest. I think I can play the year of each section, but thats about it

Pete added these pithy words on Oct 25 08 at 2:37 pm

Whit- so glad that you and i share the love of the jam of 7/10/99 (around 33 min into the mix) Chalkdust…that shit gives me chills every time i listen to it, and its been years since ive heard the crowd recording of it, since its on live phish…great work!

the joker added these pithy words on Nov 13 08 at 5:10 pm

Yeah! I hear the 12/30/97 AC/DC Bag in there – best-ever version far as I know. Followed by what sounds like DWD though I can’t place it. With a C&P tease, not that that narrows it down – 6/14/00 maybe? Though I only ever listen to Twist > Jam > Walk Away > Jam > 2001 from that show…

God damn, this is a solid mix. What comes after the aforementioned Chalkdust sounds at first a little like a summer ’97 Cities. Has that kinda-busy-funk feel, and they took it uptempo in those days. Oh damn, is this the Bowie > Cities from 7/30/97? OK, kudos to me if so. :) Yeah, that’s my guess.

I’ve heard the next track before but can’t place it. More C&P teasing – a Suzy or DWD jam, I assume, but I can’t place it. And to end: shit, I think I’ve got this and am irritated, whenever I hear it, by the taper labeling it a C&P tease?! I remember things based on the pique they induce. :)

waxbanks added these pithy words on Mar 31 09 at 6:37 pm

Aah, I see I was wrong on the penultimate section. Well but it’s good to be wrong on stuff like this, I think!

waxbanks added these pithy words on Mar 31 09 at 6:38 pm

OK, this has reminded me of the glory of the Ventura Bowie, which I guess I now have to throw on in SBD form. BTW, whenever I accidentally hit Shift+Space in this box, it starts the mp3 player. A mild irritant, given that I do it EVERY SIX WORDS.

waxbanks added these pithy words on Mar 31 09 at 6:40 pm

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