We’ve got lots of good music coming to Chicago over the next few weeks, but this weekend is especially nice for those of you looking to get your groove on.

Chicago’s own synth-rockers Future Rock will be at Sonotheque with DJ sets from the Orchard Lounge folks. As far as I know, Sonotheque is one of the prime Chicago venues for Electronic Dance Music, so its cool to see them mixing in some “live PAs” (aka bands that play dance music) in with their standard DJ sets. Just a few weeks ago, in a post about Scandanavian synth rockers 120 Days, I suggested Future Rock as an alternative for folks who just wanted the instrumentals. These guys are definitely set on courting the EDM crowd, but obviously want the fans who like to watch live musicians but also bust a move on the dance floor.

FR has a bunch of tunes on their site and on the Archive, but here’s a little taste from the LMM vault:

Airplane Traintracks (9/17/05)

Da Funk (9/17/05 – Daft Punk cover)

Orchard Lounge is a great Chicago DJ crew that’s tapped into a similar set of fans. They’ve got some great mixes over at Orchard Lounge website, and Ben Silver’s got his own blog as well, which just recently dropped a video of the Bays, a live electronic music experiment from across the pond (who I’ve mentioned a few times before, but detailed here).

(and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that Primus is also playing tonight at the Aragon with Drums and Tuba opening up….doesn’t quite fit with the “live, dance music” theme of the post, but Primus still rocks and Drums’n’Tuba have a really interesting sound.)

Okay, on to Saturday:

Brothers Past
is bringing its jamming brand of indie, electronic rock to the Beat Kitchen, literally a hop, skip, and jump down the street from LMM’s crib. They’ve got Bump opening with a bit of a lighter touch, and BP’s very likely to bring some tight drum’n'bass jams along with the darker indie singer-songwriter stylings of Tom Hamilton and Tom McKee.

I occasionally hear complaints from the jammier set that they’re too dark/emo/indie, while the indie kids say they jam too much. But Brothers Past comes highly recommended because LMM thinks they’re on to something. This is one of those rare jammier bands that also can succeed in the studio setting. They’ve got plenty of live BP on the archive, but BP’s website and MySpace page will give you a sense of their studio offerings. We dig the jamming as well as the songwriting, but see for yourselves:

I Might Be Wrong (Radiohead cover) >
Squeeze (ending only)

Might we also suggest their shows from:


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Primus is going to RULE! I sooooooo cannot wait…

Justin added these pithy words on Nov 17 06 at 10:48 am

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