PSA to rowdy Wilco fans: Don’t mess with Jeff Tweedy!

Wilco’s frontman Jeff Tweedy reacted with a punch to the face to an overly-zealous fan when the guy surprised him onstage at a recent show (and apparently tried to plant him a kiss). Clearly, Tweedy felt bad about his reaction and later apologized to the crowd, but the story and a video of the incident is making the rounds. LiveMusicBlog initially covered the incident here and Pitchfork now has the videos posted.

This serves as a reminder to you crazy fans…”stay down there.” It also serves as a nice way to remind you of my earlier post about tonight’s Wilco show at the 9:30 Club being available for live streaming on NPRs Live Music Series at 9 PM CT.

Should be a great show, and I doubt there will be any further disruptions from fans running onstage unless, of course, they’re looking for a fight. Go get ‘em Jeff!

(photo source here: rawkblog)


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