As this is a site primarily dealing with live music and the concert industry, it’s only fitting that it actually includes some live music. So, for the first installment of the weekly “Live from the (Live Music) Archive,” series, we’re going with some live My Morning Jacket, as a timely follow-up to this post (that included My Morning Jacket’s fall tour with the Slip). This is a concert the band played last fall in its hometown of Louisville, KY. The recording is crisp and it nicely showcases what this band is capable of in the live setting:

My Morning Jacket
@ the Palace Theatre
Louisville, KY


disc 1:
01 Wordless Chorus
02 It Beats 4 U
03 Gideon
04 One Big
05 What a Wonderful Man
06 Lowdown
07 I Will Sing
08 Golden
09 Sooner
10 Hell

disc 2:
01 Lay Low
02 Off the Record
03 Dondante
04 Dancefloorz
05 Anytime
06 Louisville Pride
07 I Wil Be There (Jim)
08 Bermuda (Jim)
09 At Dawn
10 Run Thru
11 Magheeta

LMM’s Show Notes:
Some of my fav cuts from this shows are:

As always, the Live Music Archive allows for both downloading and streaming, so you can preview the show before grabbing it outright…or just grab it. But if you dig their sound, show them some support and check out a show or buy an album.


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